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This website deals specifically with matching African Americans with other singles. The services that it provides on its platform are 100% free for any of the site members to use. The site's goal is to provide a place where Afro Americans can network, socialize, find friendships, and find love connections. It boats that it is one of the largest black dating sites.

Pros & Cons

Completely free
Unlimited messaging user to user
Ability to send pictures with a message
Bulletin board forums where you can post messages
Not as many search functions
The unsecured network puts data at risk of being stolen
Unverified accounts lead to scams
Can't create your own chat room
Chat rooms are created by the administration

Pricing Plans

There are no pricing plans as the whole site is 100% free. Which means members have unlimited access to everything that the site has to offer. There's no reason why you can't find love here.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Unlimited messaging
Search engine
Ability to send photos
Access to chat rooms
Ability to post on bulletin boards

Easy to Use

One of the features the site uses is the ability to send your photograph with a message attached to it. Which is great because it gives the recipient another glimpse at what you look like and maybe shallow, but also lets them know if they want to respond to your message or not. It utilizes a story feature that allows members to see the most updated stories about black people that can be found in the news. Talk about spreading the knowledge right there. Instead of a forum, they allow members to post a message to a bulletin board. And from there, other users have the opportunity to reply to the message that you have posted on the bulletin board. All of the features are completely free. We are giving users unlimited access to creating connections with other members of the site.

Search Functions

You can narrow down your search function to find matches by using the filters zip code, gender, and age. These are a much simpler version of filters that other sites offer. Being that the site is free to use, they aren't driving to create things like advanced search technology that you may find on other sites. But, the search engines that they do utilize are incredibly reliable.

Safety & Security

The site doesn't offer much in the way of security as it is on an unsecured network that can cost you precious data if it is stolen or read by an outside party. The site should be used at your own risk. However, it is recommended that if you come in contact with a suspicious profile, you need to report it to the site so that they can look into it. This unsecured warning is just to remind members that the site doesn't provide as much security as other websites provide to black singles that are using their websites.


Overall, if you are searching for tons of dating options in the African American community, this site is a solid choice. While the network is unsecured, that just means it doesn't have as much security as some other web browsers do. And the fact that the site is completely free is also a plus because membership fees can become extremely expensive over a long span of time. This site gives no limitations on connecting with others in hopes of developing friendships and lasting romantic relationships. If you're thinking about joining a dating website for African Americans, we highly recommend at least checking out all that Black Planet has to offer. If it doesn't fit your fancy, then you don't have to sign up, but if it does, feel free to start your member profile today.

Questions & Answers

How to delete the BlackPlanet profile?

You would need to visit your accounts page, and if the delete account button can't be found there, then you will need to get in contact directly with the support team. The site recommends contacting their support team directly for account deletion and reactivation.

Who owns blackplanet?

BlackPlanet was started in 2001. The company was launched by Omar Wasow, who is an internet analyst, and Benjamin Sun, who is a Community Connects CEO. Together they designed a safe space for African Americans to cultivate loving and long-term relationships, whether that be friendships or love.

How to delete the BlackPlanet account on the app?

Visit the account settings page on a desktop browser first. And then delete the account from there. Once it has been deleted, you can uninstall the application from your device. This will unsubscribe you from receiving any future alerts from the website.

How do I check my BlackPlanet email?

You click on the email icon within your browser, and then you are able to view all of your emails. When you have an email, the icon will show the number of new emails that you have. From there, you can send or reply to the existing emails that you have received.

How to reactivate the BlackPlanet account?

Once an account has been deleted, you will need to go through the signup process to create another account. All deletions are currently permanent. Therefore, you should be 100% sure that you want to delete the account before deleting it.

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