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BBWCupid is one of the thirty dating services operated by the Cupid Media network. As part of the Cupid Media network, BBWCupid serves a niche within the dating world. This niche revolves around overweight, or more politely termed plus-sized women. BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women, so the name for the site is appropriate. BBW Cupid operates like a dating site in that it matches plus-sized women with men. The men that use the site are not necessarily overweight themselves. The vast majority are actually average size. The dating site does this in such a fashion that it promotes the positives of being plus-sized, and discourages and outright bans abuse towards such women. While the site also accepts average size women as well, the niche is in plus-sized women. Thus that is what the site centers on when operating its system. BBWCupid is fairly effective in this regard. A plus-sized relationship is a viable market; thus, BBWCupid is very successful in providing services to serve this market.

Pros & Cons

Easy to navigate the site
Easy to find a match given the numerous search functions
Strict behavioral guidelines deter abuse common to these kinds of sites
Fun personality test
Very advanced search functions for premium members
Premium membership is fairly inexpensive
Only premium members can send messages to free members
Advanced search options are only for premium members
Not that many users compared to other sites

Pricing Plans






3 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Registration/Personality test
Seeing profiles
Getting Matches
Sending “interests.”
Messaging premium members
Viewing photos
Paid services
Live chat
Translate messages
Sending messages to free accounts
Highlighting account for better viewability
Advanced search functions such as waist size

Easy to Use is fairly easy to use. The registration process is straightforward and quick. The website itself is designed with the most transparency and ease of use possible, leaving out much that would overly complicate things. Given that the site acts within a specific niche, it does not need to draw in and support a large amount of users, nor does it have the audience to do so, given its rather limited niche. As such, the site itself makes everything simple so as to make matches themselves a precise and smooth process. This is driven home by the fact that the dating site offers every user a tutorial on where to start when first using the site’s services. Once a profile is made, the user can search through other profiles with very little limitation. Every other profile is at the user’s fingertips and all the information therein that is made public readily accessible to any user. One of the top features that enhances the ease of use in this regard revolves around the personality test as well as what the user is looking for in a match. A profile will be marked green if it is compatible based on the personality test the user took during registration. It will be red if it is deemed incompatible. Another special feature to make the process smoother is the fact that messages are automatically translated to the user’s language, though this is a premium option.

Search Functions

There are myriads of search options on BBWCupid, depending on the type of account the user has available on both desktops and on the mobile app. Every member is given a nearly unlimited amount of matches to go through based on their preferences. From these matches, a user can look at each profile, and from the personality test taken during registration, can see the compatibility of said profile. The system will generally steer the search to the most compatible profiles, but this does not mean the user is strictly only allowed to look at these. All profiles are open, even to free members. Free members can even send messages, and “interests” to other members, though messages can only be sent to premium members from free accounts. If the user wishes to follow through their search to another free account, they must pay for premium access. One very useful search function is “I Match Their Criteria.” This is a checklist based on compatibility and will show just how compatible a match is. This function allows the user to see how their profile complements a match, narrowing down searches. The user can also narrow down searches through advanced search functions found in premium only. Through the highest premium package, Platinum, a user can narrow down a search to something so strict as hip size, waist measurement, BMI, and bust size.

Safety & Security

As a site for plus-size women, BBWCupid is well aware of the abuse plus-size women may endure in chats. As such, a zero tolerance policy is in place to deter abuse from others regarding a woman’s size. There is no tolerance towards shaming of any kind. Any abuse can be reported to Customer Support and is dealt with as quick as possible.BBWCupid uses the same kind of security as other dating sites. It’s the system that uses modern encryption protocols to ensure the security and safety of users’ accounts. It’s registration process also has fraud detection software to detect and eliminate fake accounts and bots. The site has a fairly extensive FAQ, in which safe behavior and procedures are recommended to ensure a smooth experience while using the site. Customer Service can be reached by email, phone, or mail, and is quick to resolve any matters of concern.


BBWCupid is a dating site designed for plus-sized women and those who find plus-sized women attractive. It is a very particular niche in the dating world, and BBWCupid does well in fulfilling that niche’s needs. BBWCupid does not tolerate abuse common to sites of this nature, all the while promoting ease of access and advertising nearly limitless matches to those willing to put in the time in the service. The dating site is a legitimate business servicing a group of people who otherwise may find it hard to find matches. And belonging to the Cupid Media network, the site’s legitimacy is guaranteed, as well as its abilities as a dating site.

Questions & Answers

How to delete the BBWCupid account?

To delete a BBWCupid account, a user must log into their BBWCupid account first. Once logged in, the user needs to navigate to “Account Management.” From there, the user can click on “How do I switch off My Profile?” The user will be asked why they have chosen to leave the site, be given the option to give a testimonial if appropriate, and the account will be closed.

How to avoid being banned at BBWCupid?

To avoid being banned from BBWCupid, a user must follow the site’s policies and procedures. Abuse of any kind is not tolerated. Given the nature of the site, body shaming is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. A user must simply be courteous and use the site for what it is designed for, to make matches with plus-size women.

How to cancel membership in BBWCupid?

If one wants to cancel a membership but still remains a user with BBWCupid, a user must first log into their account. If they wish to cancel their membership and leave the site for good, they navigate to account management and cancel their membership that way. However, to cancel a membership and downgrade to a free account, a user goes to “Membership Options and Payment” on their account. Membership renews automatically. However, this option can be turned off. Once turned off, the membership will not auto-renew, letting the user switch to a free account once the particular membership period is over.

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