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AshleyMadison.com is a dating website like no other. Essentially it is advertised as a website for exploring extramarital relationships. The website’s primary audience consists of married men and women, though it seems more targeted towards the former rather than the latter, at least in terms of how it continues to operate. It is a service for married men and women to meet other married men and women. It may not be necessarily in a romantic capacity, though this is what the website is gearing towards. Rather it is essentially offering a way for those who are married to pursue short term, or even longer term, romantic or sexual relationships outside of their marriage. As advertised by the website, the process of meeting and engaging in a relationship is done in the most discreet manner. The website does all it can to make the activities of its users as incognito as it can, priding itself on its secretive nature that the user can participate in with the ease of mind regarding the discovery of their activities. The AshleyMadison website experience is one of utmost secrecy, and while there are certain hiccups to the program, the website is generally one of the safest for the secrecy of its kind of dating service out there.

Pros & Cons

Simple registration process
Easy to use search engine
Compatibility between website and app on both Android and IOS
Focus on secrecy means less risk on identity exposure
Discretion on credit card statements as well as on devices, being marked simply as AM
Very extensive search capabilities, focusing down on even the most simple of details
No Free messages for men, only women
Costs credits for each message, no monthly subscription
The simple registration process allows for bots and other fake profiles

Pricing Plans

AshleyMadison.com has three packages which consist of a certain amount of credits to start with, and a certain price for each credit thereafter. Every message sent requires a determined amount of credits, usually around 5 credits. Live chats cost around 30 credits to start, and 50 credits for each hour.


100 Credits


500 Credits


1000 Credits

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Signup and registration
Women seeking men have full membership
View Profiles
Share Photos
Send “winks” - a symbol meant to indicate interest in messaging
Paid services
Messaging for Men seeking Women and Women seeking Women
Priority Messaging
Live Chats
Sending Gifts
Priority Man Status (highlighting a user’s profile for a certain period of time)

Easy to Use

AshleyMadison.com has often been praised as a dating website for its extreme ease of use. Given that the website wants the exchange between users to be as simple as possible so secrecy can be maintained at all times, the ease of use has been turned up as a result. The ability to search for matches, manage profiles, and buy credits are all set out in plain sight. The user can easily search by using filters, edit their profile and see what other users will see when looking at the profile, view lists of people the user has interacted with as well as blocked, see who has been viewing the user’s profile, access the mail system which stores all the messages between users, view billing and payment options, and access a unique feature of AshleyMadison.com, Traveling. Traveling allows a user to see other users in a particular city they are about to go to, allowing for a sort of sneak peak into possible matches before they are ever in the city in question.

Search Functions

AshleyMadison.com has fairly extensive search function capabilities. The search function is divided into two, standard and advanced, both having specific filters to narrow down potential matches. The advanced function has more filters, offering a customizable search for matches, even searching for smoking habits, height, weight, hair color, among others users report in their profiles and questionnaires. This allows for a very specific search, centering on only the most strict matches that suit the user’s wants from the website’s matching system. The dating website operates in a specifically male-dominated atmosphere. As such, generally, men do the searches. The advanced filters can focus the system down to something as specific as the city. This is done mainly through the user’s direct control rather than the website matching people based on common likes and dislikes. It is essentially a search engine for relationships. Once a match is successfully made, the user can message the match by clicking on their profile. Women can message for free while men are charged to message women as well as receive messages from women.

Safety & Security

AshleyMadison.com has upgraded its security in recent years due to hacks and bot infiltration. As such, it has standard encryption software, as well as anonymity for its users. Due to the simplicity of its registration process, it keeps very little personal information in its systems. There is no verification process, however, leading to the possibility of bots and fake profiles. The FAQ of AshleyMadison.com covers ways to personally secure information, proper practices to engage in when using the site, as well as to be aware of scams and fake profiles it actively monitors its system for. The website suggests operating in incognito mode whenever possible, or to delete cookies and browsing history if not doing so. The website does not hold responsibility for the safety of specific people going on dates. This is up to the caution of the user when he/she is meeting someone face to face. Abuse on the website is not tolerated and can be reported via email or phone found in the contact us tab on the website.


Overall, AshleyMadison.com is a legitimate business, offering its services to customers like any other business. It is essentially a search engine/messaging service for married men and women. It operates with secrecy and discretion in mind, given the nature of its service. It does this legally and effectively. All in all, it is like any other business. It is simple to use, and as long as the user is willing to pay, the dating site will provide to the best of its ability.

Questions & Answers

How to delete the Ashleymadison account on mobile?

To delete an account on ashleymadison mobile, a user must first log into the app. Once properly logged in, the user can then access their profile through the manage profile tab on the screen. From there, a user has the option to deactivate their account or fully delete it. Deactivate merely means the account profile will no longer show up in searches. It can be reactivated at any time the user wants. Fully deleting deletes the profile entirely, and cannot be restored.

How do I know my husband is on the site Ashleymadison?

Due to the anonymity and secrecy of the dating site, it is virtually impossible to know if a specific person is using the service. If said person is using incognito mode, the browser does not record any cookies or history. However, if the browser is not in incognito mode, browsing history and cookies will have recorded the use of the site and can be accessed from the device being used.

How do I see ashleymadison members?

AshleyMadison.com is designed to where only members can see other members. Thus to see any member on the site, one must register an account with the service first.

How much does Ashley Madison cost?

Ashley Madison is not a paid subscription service. Given that information, its costs vary depending on the user. Most actions on the website cost credits, and it depends on which of the three packages the user has purchased on how much each credit costs.

Is Ashleymadison legit?

Ashleymadison.com is a legitimate website for married men and women seeking extramarital relationships.

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