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The ‘Align’ app ethos

The Align dating app is perfect for a hippy, ethereal type of person who enjoys the thought of leaving their romantic fate to the universe. Love matching through astrology is a quirky but refreshing take on dating. Align focuses on relationships rather than casual dating or hook-ups.

Pros & Cons

Matches are based on personality and astrological compatibility rather than looks
Align is a dating app that can be enjoyed without it becoming an addiction. Being given five matches means you won’t constantly feel the need to search, scroll, and swipe for fear of missing someone
It’s a free app with no subscriptions
Align is easy to use and has an attractive design
It’s a ‘classy’ app that you’d be happy to tell your friends you’re using
Is your life lived using astrological principles? Align is your perfect app
There is no desktop dating site or Android option. (Though there is a website with a blog and shop)
Its use is restricted to only three areas of the U.S
There isn’t a huge amount of people on the app, so you may run out of matches
It is a little bit glitch, especially around the age range options

Pricing Plans

The app is free to download, and there are no subscription requirements Align as a brand has a shop and a blog with product links on their main website As the app expands into other parts of the U.S and the world, we anticipate that paid for services will appear

How ‘Align’ works

Ease of use

Align is very easy to use. The app has an attractive and clean interface that you wouldn’t feel awkward about accessing in a public place.



‘Aligning’ is when two people decide they would be a great match. Once this has happened, a conversation can begin via instant messaging.

You can’t message anyone you haven’t expressed interest in, and this is a fab feature for people who find receiving unexpected messages from strangers tiresome. It’s a waste of time to have to politely turn them down and avoid getting involved in a conversation you don’t want.

Search Functions

Search criteria

The age range is the only controllable search criteria. Obviously, you’ll be matched with people who share the same sexual orientation as you.

Searching by location

Align is only available in Los Angeles, New York, and The Bay area of California, so you will be shown the people who live in your city for practically, convenience and the higher chance of meeting for a date that proximity brings.

Safety & Security

Customer service

The Align customer care team is accessible via an email address and a contact form. This will be where you turn if you ever have any concerns about another member or an issue with your app.


Identification of identity is through a connection to an active and legitimate Facebook account. The requirement to use the profile pic on your Facebook page is part of this process.


There isn’t an FAQ section on the Align website though the invitation to email them to ‘chat’ is welcoming and warm.

Incognito mode

There is no way to go ‘off-grid’ on Align. It’s not in keeping with the spirit of the app. You could change your profile picture to something generic like a tree, but we sensed that this would lead to very few matches on an app with the customer base of Align.

Dating safety


Align is quirky, but it could be the perfect option for a single person who has lost faith in traditional dating sites and apps. Letting the stars decide your fate is remarkably freeing and allows you to focus on other areas of your life.

Frequently asked questions and their answers

Is there an astrology dating app?

Align is an astrology dating app, and it operates on the idea that love, romance, and friendship should be decided based on the compatibility of your star sign and/or astrological chart.

What is the Align App?

It’s a free dating app that offers you five matches per day that have been chosen using your star sign. Messaging can begin when two people ‘align,’ and hopefully, a fulfilling, long term relationship will blossom.

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