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When you ask yourself how does Adam4Adam work, you have to consider the kind of website that it is compared to others. is a website that is for gay men to meet one another and have a fantastic time doing it. While the website is not here to help you match with random people, it is a method that you can use to meet singles from your area by using the site’s features. We will examine every element of the website, so you know what to expect when you first join the dating service. We’ll start with the site signup so that you can determine how to get on the website.

Pros & Cons is just like any website for dating. There are some things that need some work and a lot of good reasons to keep coming back to the website. When we looked at the pros and cons, here is some of what we found:

Good security
A large number of users
Very diverse people in terms of ethnicity
Detailed search system
A mobile app is available
Responsive blocking features
The app doesn’t have full site functionality
App design is clunky

Pricing Plans

Since is a long-running website, they have both free and paid services. If you’re interested in becoming a premium member of the website, then here is some of what you can expect in terms of paying:

VIP Membership

1 months

VIP membership

3 months

VIP + Pro Add

1 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Since there are free and paid services that are being offered by the website, it’s important to understand the differences between what you get with each. Here are some of the things that you get with the free version.

Free services
Profile setup
40 message conversations
Send and read messages
Search the profiles for other members
Fee based servises
As many friends as you want
Ad-free version
Profile approval is faster
Advertise your services with ProAd
Save 10 searches for easy use
200 message conversations

Ease of Use

The website is designed to be very easy to use. With a state-of-the-art search function on Adam4Adam, you can count on meeting new and interesting men every time you sign in. Yet, there are some other portions of the website that are interesting to look at, too. For example, the website has a completely integrated sex shop that you can use to buy something for yourself and even send gifts to other guys. That is partial because the site has a video chat and live stream service that you can use as part of the sex-positive culture that is on the site. That makes sense, so every man is comfortable watching or showing off online. The website is also known for its fetish living style of the people that join. You can expect a lot of people into BDSM to be on the website to teach you and show you some new things. Other interesting features on this site include movie rentals on the site that are Mature-rated, along with health resources so that you can learn more about staying healthy while being sexually active. Adam4Adam also contains ad spaces to announce parties and such, too. There is a lot happening on this website for sure!

Search Functions

One thing that the website appears to stumble on at first glance is the searching feature. That is due to the fact that they don’t have a matching service for you to use. However, by using the search filters on the website, you can find a very specific kind of man. Using the filters on, you can search for someone according to everything from ethnicity to whether or not they are circumcised. It’s an incredibly in-depth search process that does a lot better job at getting the user what they want compared with a matching service. You can also search according to your location and other things, too. Now that you know how to use search, you need to know how to message each other. There are various forms of communication, but sending messages is the best one to use. Once you have found someone that is interesting to you, just simply reach out to them, chat, and send pics. It’s a really simple way to get the conversation started between you and your potential partners.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are two very serious elements of As we’ve mentioned, the site will take time to verify your profile before you start, ensuring that you are over 18 years old and that your pictures are allowed. Moreover, the website has a blocking and reporting features that is very responsive, so you can count on not dealing with creepy guys for long. This is in addition to the normal dating site security like encryption and more.

Summary is a very successful casual dating and kink website that men have been using since 2003. The website helps you find people quickly and easily. Whether you use the paid or unpaid version, this site is great for you. Moreover, the dating service is safe. While it has a misstep in the form of the app, it will continue to get better over time!

Questions & Answers

How can you find out to who you have unlocked your private pics to on

You have to give every person access to unlock them, so keep track of people to who you allow to view them.

How to delete the Adam4Adam account?

Go to My Account, go to “other,” and then delete your account through there.

How to restore the Adam4Adam account?

After you delete a profile, you can’t recover it. It’s a safety measure.

Adam4Adam, how to delete a sent email?

You can’t delete an email once it sent.

How to turn Adam4Adam notifications?

This is in your account settings on your homepage.

How to change the view on Adam4Adam?

You can adjust this in General Settings.

How to recover deleted Adam4Adam messages?

Once the messages are deleted, they are gone, unfortunately.

How to view unlocked pics Adam4Adam?

You can go to the profile where they belong and view them if you have access.

How to change my profile name on Adam4Adam?

You have to contact support to see if they can help.

How to show all my friends on Adam4Adam?

You can only see them as you scroll through the list, not see all of them at once.

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