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Significance of Forgiveness in a Relationship

When we are in a long term relationship there always are going to be challenges that arise at some point in time. Whether these are minor infractions, disagreements or more serious issues there will be times when the relationship will be tested. As humans, it is only natural to disagree on issues and have differences […]

Reasons He Could Be Ignoring You

When in a committed relationship one of the factors that leave women puzzled is that of their partner suddenly ignoring them, for no apparent reason? This is not really a cause to hit the panic button and assume the worst but rather to try and ascertain the cause of their partner’s behavior. There could be […]

Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

When we fall in love with someone at times we unknowingly get trapped in a one-sided relationship without even being aware of the same. This sort of relationship has no future because there is not an equal commitment from the partner to make it a success. Consequently, this only leads to pain and heartache which […]

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Can you be friends with your ex? And a better question, is it a good idea? The idea of being a platonic friend of a person who was once your sexual partner is not rare. In fact, many people have done so. This proves that it is very much possible, however, it comes with certain […]

The Link Between Self-Love and Relationships

While all kinds of relationships can have their fair share of challenges, perhaps the most daunting of them all is being in a physical relationship. The foundation of having a successful physical and emotional relationship with a partner is having high self-esteem or self-love first. Without loving oneself it will be a challenge to feel […]

Ways to Strengthen a Relationship

With online dating becoming popular and hundreds of online dating sites to find partners, relationships are beginning to get negatively impacted. Finding single women and men to date easily has increased the chances of infidelity in relationships. That combined with the stress of modern lives has made people more casual about breaking up and moving […]

Take a Break in a Relationship

Have you been in a relationship for a long period of time and somehow it seems to lack the spark that was in the early stages of the relationship. One way to deal with this situation is to take a break or a cooling-off period, after mutually agreeing to the same. Taking a break in […]

Signs of a Positive Relationship

If into online dating single women or in a committed relationship, one factor that always is at the back of our minds is to have a positive relationship. All successful relationships have some common factors. Strong empathy This is trait not just exhibited by one but rather both partners. To have a successful romantic relationship […]

Why Aren’t You Married Yet?

Are you committed to a man that isn’t ready to say “I do” and start a family? Well, many women happen to find themselves in similar situations and according to them, the sting is particularly painful. Before trying the following, be sure to honestly assess what marriage means to you and your partner. Here’s what […]

Signs That You Must Know to Avoid Unhappy Relations

Dating is something that is typically a fun experience as people find out if their partner has the potential to be a long-term mate. However, there are times when dating isn’t so fun. You might find out some information about your date that makes you a little uneasy. These are red flags, and they are […]