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Why Aren’t You Married Yet?

Are you committed to a man that isn’t ready to say “I do” and start a family? Well, many women happen to find themselves in similar situations and according to them, the sting is particularly painful. Before trying the following, be sure to honestly assess what marriage means to you and your partner. Here’s what […]

Tips to Make a Marriage Proposal

Finding someone suitable as a partner is no longer a challenge when you join an online dating service. Thanks to the proliferation of online dating sites you can find a woman online with relative ease. If you have met your ideal partner through online dating or even conventional dating and considering making a marriage proposal, […]

Why More and More Women Don’t Want to Get Married

The fact that all women want to get married is controversial. Some girls do not want to tie the knot. However, it seems that it would be difficult to find such girls. For example, some of them were already married and no longer want to repeat the experience, someone is afraid, someone does not want […]

How Do I Get Him To Commit To A Relationship?

Are you dating a guy you’re pretty sure has commitment issues? Well, chances are you are not alone. Many women in Canada find themselves in a situation where they realize that the man they’re with doesn’t really want to be completely involved with her. Is there a way to change this? Although it is very […]

Learn to Avoid Discord in a Relationship

If you look at all successful relationships there will be moments when disagreements would have arisen, but they were sorted out in a mature manner. Almost every relationship will face challenges but what counts is the manner in which the couple resolves their differences in an amicable manner. That is one of the strengths of […]

How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Relationships are strange things. They can go from being all loved up and unable to leave each other alone to wanting more space and eventually falling into the trap of taking each other for granted. We are human beings, we have an uncanny knack of finding our comfort zones and then refusing to move away […]

Marriage Vs. Living Together Without The Commitment

When you’re in love, you tend to spend every minute of every day together. Eventually, couples start living together without discussing the type of relationships they are into. The sad paradox is that cohabitation (living together without the commitment of marrying) is extremely unprofitable for both sides neither morally nor financially. And all the arguments […]